Wednesday, May 18, 2011

In a perfect world

While sitting in the dentist office this past Monday, I had a chance to flip through a Country Living 
and Better Homes and Gardens magazine. During this time of year, the magazines are full of drool-inducing photos for me. I can't help but to be transported straight into the magazine and imagine myself seated at any of those indoor/outdoor spaces. Perfect seating and perfect plants are styled 
in the most perfect arrangements. Even garages have been transformed! 

Photo by Dana Gallagher courtesy of Country Living Magazine
 Garage Turned Garden Shed in Country Living Magazine.
 I would never be able to keep this clean, but it is beautiful...and so stylish.
The link also gives great ideas for storage options in your gardening space.

And don't forget later this year, the Country Living Fair 2011 will be visiting Ohio and Georgia.  
A weekend full of "flea market shopping" with some of the best items up for grabs.

Here are a few other items and websites I've been drooling over this week. 

Photo taken by Holly Becker courtesy of

Check out Grace Bonney's other photos of "Inspiration + Pretty Things" on Facebook. 
I always find myself intrigued by the Design Sponge site. 
It's a never-ending resource for all things fabulous!

Anthropolgie's website homepage
While in Atlanta for the Sketchbook Project Tour, my friend Jenni asked if I minded stopping at Anthropologie before we headed home. If I would have had ANY idea all the cool things I was going to see...I would have told her to drive faster. This store is so beautifully styled and inviting. 
Go to the website and check out the Fresh Cuts section for deals on some of their lovely items. 
And find a store near you to get the full experience.

Better Homes and Gardens homepage
If you are a practical girl like me, you want to be hip and stylish..but the budget sometimes 
hinders your urges. Never fear - the BHG site is full of very practical options and money saving tips. For instance, when the greenhouse is built, I'll be looking to utilize rain water for the garden. 
The homepage gives a link for making a homemade rain barrel. It might not be the best looking option...but I think I can come up with something to give it a little pazzaz. 

Until next time - Happy web-hunting and magazine drooling! 
That's where you'll find me...or maybe at the bistro table : )

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