Saturday, September 17, 2011

A perfect Saturday

Well, if you read my previous blog post, you know I had quite an adventure last Saturday...and it all started with the Farmer's Market and Indie Craft Parade.

The Greenville downtown area is the perfect place to park and walk from one end to the other. What a better place to have a Farmer's Market on a Saturday morning? The sun was shining and the temperatures have started to cool down. It's the perfect tease before Fall in the South.

The Farmer's Market has more than 50 vendors who line the streets every Saturday morning from May to October. It opens at 8 a.m., but don't can grab a coffee and breakfast while you are there.

Here's a quick look at the items along the way to Indie Craft Parade:

The beautiful display of peppers at the Lanhere Farm table (grown in Taylors).
Sunflowers for a sunny morning.
A variety of jarred goodies.

Honey for sale.
Colorful eggplants in a crate.
After enjoying the sites, sounds and tastes of the Farmer's Market, we made our way to Huguenot Mill for the Indie Craft Parade. It was a pleasure to see some old faces and to experience the new. Here's a look at the things we saw and some of my personal favorites:

Lily Pottery
Maie Dae
Illyria Pottery
Booklaces from Illyria Pottery
Once Again Sam
Curiosities from Once Again Sam
Merciful Hearts Farm
Shed Labs
I also spent time talking to several other shops I would like to mention. My sweet ladies at Owlette Collective, Jason Waggoner at GREENville Books, yummy homemade marshmallows at Malo, Cindy Jantz from The Herb Garden, and last but certainly not least, Joseph Bradley from Joseph Bradley Studios.

We had a great time at the Farmer's Market and Indie Craft Parade this year. As always, we will be back next year to see what the crafters have in store for us. Please take the time to visit these shops and support the local community. There are many talented artisans who would appreciate your help.

Until next time - Happy Crafting or what ever it is you enjoy!


  1. Wow!!! what fun at both places!!! i love those storage shelves that belong to mae daie - JEALOUS!!! Amanda Nicole White (@amanda_ink) recently gifted me a mini hand bound book necklace just like the ones in your photos - too cute!!! The produce is also a big win - one of my favorite things about markets is taking home scrumptious treats. Nice!

  2. The keys and coins you see on the display shelves at Maie Dae are actually rings!!! Super cool stuff and they have an awesome website. It was a great day : )