Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mail art joy and (almost) sorrow

I recently asked one of my new found friends in Canada if she would like to do a mail art swap with me. I have been enamored with Jeannine Saylor's blog Saylor Made for a while now. She has beautiful control over watercolor (which I have never quite mastered). I sent this lovely package to her and she featured it in her Mail Art Monday blog segment. I can't wait to see what Jeannine has in store for my return package. (I secretly hope there's a watercolor in there).

This past weekend, a long awaited package arrived from Jessica Gowling at Nature's My Friend. She sent this package to me around the same time I posted mine to Jeannine. We both had our doubts about whether it would show...but finally it did!
The package contained: a beautiful altered page (incredible!), a bear print (with a lovely handwritten message on back), two postcards (one a poster design and the other a clever photograph), two notes cards that read..."Let's talk about How Fabulous you think I am" and two cut-outs (one of an amazing owl and the other of the Easy Slider snow sled - "King of the Hill").

Jessica is a pro at putting these packages together. I hope my return package will be just as enjoyable to her. And next time...I'll give the post service a bit longer before I lose faith!


  1. I loved your package & thank you so much for your kind words about my site & watercolour. It's always been my first love since my sweet high school art teacher showed me the ropes. I am learning from others and experimenting as I go. I've taken a bit of a break from mail art (only a couple of weeks) to catch up on some watercolours for myself as well as gifts to others (those I'll be posting about on the blog). Next week I plan on working on my list and I do believe I could create a special watercolour for you. :D xo Jeannine

  2. <3 so relieved it arrived!!! didn't think i could replace that altered book page. We will have to learn a bit of patience on our next parcels for sure!!! Glad the contents made you smile and thanks for calling me a mail art PRO! aw yeaa