Friday, August 26, 2011

Nature's gifts

Echinacea bloom
Often times, our lives are filled with so many things and time passes by so fast, we miss the small things that are gifted to us. Yesterday, while on the porch, I noticed a tiny yellow flower sticking up out of my "Chocolate Chip" plant. When in bloom (during Spring), the flowers are a soft lavender color - not yellow. My immediate thought was to capture this image. The flower might not even be here tomorrow. I looked at it as Mother Nature's little gift to me.

While taking the picture, I noticed my enchinacea plant is starting to bloom again. The blooms are smaller - just children of the much bigger, original blooms - but just as important. It's the plant's way of giving its last efforts before it starts to die away for the Fall. Although, I love the cooler weather of the coming season - I will miss all the flowers of Spring. This is my opportunity to learn more about Fall plants and what can survive through the Winter months. Gardening is an educational process. Even when gardeners get to "Master" status - they all know Mother Nature has no master.

Last but not least is the Bhut Jolokia. I have been telling you of this adventure from the beginning. My second round of peppers are turning dark orange and will be taken off of the vine soon. From the taste test of the first round, it seems our climate does not allow for these peppers to get really hot (or we didn't get actual Bhut Jolokia peppers). As you can guess, this comes as a great disappointment to Scott. I can be satisfied in the fact I was able to grow them. It was a new experience for me. I've never grown peppers and feel more confident in my ability to do it again. Next year, I get another chance to grow one of the hottest peppers in the world. Hopefully with better results! Until next time - Happy Gardening and don't forget to take notice of the little things given to you by Mother Nature each day.

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