Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mail art goodies

My first mail art package at home in Canada.
I wrote a blog some time back about my decision to get involved in a mail art swap with Jessica Gowling from Natures My Friend. She sent me my first "introductory" package (left) and got the ball rolling. After receiving my package, I set out to make an epic return package for Jessica. I wanted it to be reflective of me and interesting to her. Being new to the process, I found it hard to stop. After adding the last of many items, I traveled to the post office for stamps and delivery. Unfortunately, as always, my timing sucks. The Canadian postal service was in the middle of a strike and it had just made it to Jessica's area. 

We were both hoping the strike would pass and the package would make it to her before she left for vacation. Well, that didn't happen. Not only did Jess go on vacation, she left for around a month! She was doing a exhibition, a workshop and had a vendor opportunity. Not to mention time spent with other creatives relaxing and sharing in the love of art.  

Upon her return, not only was she bombarded by a stack of mail art packages, a giveaway on her blog, and trying to get readjusted to being home - but her man proposed!!! Although I eagerly waited to hear what she thought about my package - I couldn't help but smile at how she must be feeling. Love is a beautiful thing when your partner is so supportive of your craft. (He came back home from vacation after a week or so and Jess stayed to take care of business). 

I was pleased to see a blog post from Jess yesterday with a Mail Art Mania - Part 1 title. She's having to split up the blog posts in order to get caught up. I know even though she is overwhelmed, she is very grateful to have such awesome mail art buddies. I know I will always be grateful to her for introducing me to it. Now, I have two other friends to send packages to. I hope I can bring a ray of sunshine to their life - just like Jessica did to mine. 


As a side note, last weekend at Michael's, I found an armful of great items to use in my mail art packages AND a super thick, CD-sized blank journal with my initial on it. I got all this stuff for under $9.50 WITHOUT a coupon! And I almost always use a coupon. There's no need to pay full price for anything - and most of this stuff was 40% off already.

Until next time - Happy Mailing and don't underestimate the power of a handwritten letter.

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