Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting older...

Recently on Facebook, there's been a lot of talk of my 20th high school reunion. I've been added to the "group" by my best friend Loretta. Not a day goes by without me looking at a face I haven't seen in 20 years. It might take a moment to recognize some people, but we all resemble our former selves...only 20 years older. Living our separate lives, raising kids and "running the rat race".

As cool as it is to reminisce about old times and hijinks from high school - I really didn't have the best high school experience. I wasn't a "popular kid" or a "nerd" - I guess I fit somewhere nicely in the middle. I didn't go to the prom. I wasn't in math club or on the basketball team. Hell, I didn't even graduate with everyone else. (I had to go to summer school for English - ironically).

I'm really starting to wonder what kind of conversation I'm suppose to have with these people. I know there will be the stories about "Remember Mr/Mrs. Such and Such?" and that will be a good laugh. But, I know most of us will be right back where we a clique with our normal crowd. Hanging with the people we feel most comfortable with. Sadly, it will be JUST like being back in high school.

Some people will always have the best of things, "born with silver spoons" as they say. I would like to think the rest of us have worked hard and made the best life we could. I know even though things aren't exactly the way I would like for them to be...I am pretty happy and content where I am in my life. Could I have done things better? Of course. Could I have went to college sooner? Of course. But sometimes things work out the way they should and we end up right where we are suppose to be.

So, I guess next year, I will be there beside my best friend of 20+ years, smiling and saying..."Can you believe we are this old?" And "some people never change". But I'm hoping someone surprises me and makes the effort to venture into a different "crowd" of people and says "Hello! Can you believe it's been 20 years?" Maybe that person should be me! I guess we'll see what happens. Let's hope for the best! : )

Until next time - Happy Reminiscing! Remember the good times, learn from the past and dream for the future!

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