Sunday, July 31, 2011

Newcastle Werewolf!

As most of you know, we enjoy import beers at our house. We like trying new ones as they become available and we add the caps to the growing collection on my refrigerator.
Scott found a new version of Newcastle at the store called Werewolf. From what I was able to find online, this is part of a limited edition series of beers available at select times of the year.

Spring - Founder's Ale
Summer - Summer Ale
Fall - Werewolf
Winter - Winter IPA

I found a few beer blogs and websites you might find interesting while I was searching for information. 

All About Beer Magazine
New Belgium Brewing publishes Tour de Fat book
Fear No Beer
This last one may appeal to my brother-in-law in WA state. This guy lives in Olympia, WA and tells about things like Portland Beer Day (which was this past Thursday, July 28).

Well, now that I have your taste buds awake, it's time for a cold one! Hope you have one in the fridge - cause today is Sunday (I know...that was cruel, right?) 

Until next time - Happy Beer Hunting and have a great week!

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