Friday, April 8, 2011

My Sketchbook's in ATL

     I can't EVEN express how happy I will be this weekend when I'm reunited with my sketchbook. I know what you are thinking. Does she really miss a sketchbook THAT much? The one word answer is YES!
     As soon as I read about this project through the Brooklyn Art Library, I couldn't resist. Who wouldn't love the opportunity to have their artwork travel around the U.S.? That's kind of what every artist dreams of, right? The guys at The Art House Co-op made this project possible for everyone. It was open to international artists, the occasional doodler and even stay at home moms. Sure, there are professional artists involved. But it wasn't limited to just them. The little guy (that would be me) finally had a voice.
     After working on a sketchbook for a few months, it becomes a part of you. You spend time daydreaming about what your next page should contain. You start to see inspiration in the smallest things. You chisel out time to work on it (you get upset when you can't). You start to think of it as your child - your creation.
     When it was time to send the sketchbook back to Art House, I had mixed emotions. Did I really want to send it away...never to be seen again (except on tour)? Would anyone even see the thing? What were the chances that my book would be seen by anyone?
     I came to this conclusion...
     This book will do more good OUT of my hands. It will be a part of The Brooklyn Art Library forever. I will be a part of something bigger than I could ever imagine (or do myself). Why should I be selfish and not share it?  
     Over 28,000 people signed up this year to be a part of the experience. Just under 10,000 books were returned and they are all on display. Do yourself a favor. If you love art and want to see a lot of it in one place...find a location near you and go check it out.
 Sketchbook Project Tour Dates

     What are you waiting for? Oh, the weekend, that's right : )


  1. Did you find your sketchbook? That is so exciting, I wish I wasn't half a world away, would love to see mine on tour!!

  2. Yes, I did! And it WAS very exciting. My daughter checked it out so I could be reunited with it (blush). My only regret was that I didn't write down names of artists before I went. There are so many I would have liked to see.