Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh Spring, I love you!

I must confess...nothing makes me happier (except for art) than to put on some old clothes and play in the dirt. My fiance claims I play in the dirt more than most kids. And he's probably right!! As soon as the weather turns warmer - I'm outside. I love seeing all of the plants peep out of the ground - looking to make sure that old man winter is safely out of site. Spring is an awakening - for the Earth and for myself.

I have been waiting on the bi-annual plant sale at the Hatcher Garden and Woodland Preserve. This year weather threatened to put a damper on the sale. The organizers were smart and decided to have it on both Friday and Saturday. I ventured out on Friday morning and quickly realized I was the second person to arrive. Which means I could leisurely walk and take in all of the lovely plants without feeling rushed. (The plant sale over the past few years has turned into a BIG thing.) This also meant I would have my Saturday to attend another event.

I gathered my loot from the sale, came home and preceded to replant, re-pot and rejuvenate my back porch. Now, it time to buy that bistro table and enjoy some outdoor weather!

Welcome back Spring...I've missed you!

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