Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So many little time!

Joanna Price from Seattle, WA
Well, as you all know, this past weekend was the Sketchbook Tour's appearance in Atlanta, GA. I made the trip with my friend, Jenni and my daughter, Jenna. We had a great trip filled with art, food and the sites of ATL. After fueling ourselves with some food, we went to The Granite Room to view the extensive collection of sketchbooks.
Once we were checked in, we were able to pick a theme (ex. from the project - It's Raining Cat and Dogs), select a artist, or pick a state/country. We were given 2 sketchbooks at a time to look at and then they were to be returned to the collection table. Then, it was back to the front to pick a new theme, etc. I can honestly say that I didn't pick up a sketchbook I was disappointed in. Every artist/participant has such a unique vision. It was incredible to see the differences (and often the similarities) in the works. You would have to be very close-minded not to bring something back from this experience.
I will gladly be a part of this project from now on. Thanks, Art House guys for getting me hooked!

Kelly Smith from Noblesville, IN  

Frank Rivero from Cutler Bay, FL

Lucy Hopton from Williamstown, South Australia.

Hannah Hess from Menomonie, WI.


  1. I have more photos posted on my Facebook page if anyone wants to friend me on there. Christy Davis (Dana Davis)

  2. That is so exciting! They are all so amazing... and that fold out tree one, incredible!

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  4. Such AMAZING sketchbooks! can't wait to start on the next one! :)