Monday, April 18, 2011

It was a Crafty Feast!

The Button Florist

Since I was able to go to the plant sale on Friday, I had all day Saturday to enjoy a craft fair in Columbia, S.C. My friend Jenni invited me to the event a few months back. We visited the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville last year and had a great time! This was similar (and we encountered some of the same vendors that were in Greenville). It's not often you get to experience so many good things in one place. Over 100 independent crafts from around the Southeast!! 
For me and Jenni, it's like being kids in a candy store. And it didn't hurt that we were 2 blocks from the state capital and around the corner from the beautiful USC campus. As with the plant sale, the weather threatened to ruin the day. But after a good downpour and some crazy wind, the sun resurfaced and the Crafty Feast was back into full swing.
The vendors are a real inspiration to me. So many great ideas come from wanting to re-purpose, recycle and reuse items and keep them out of the landfill. The items they produce are beautiful, often wearable and downright creative. Check out the link and support these vendors in their creative endeavors. And go out and see a craft fair near you!

Crafty Feast vendors
If you have any problems finding a vendor or connecting to their site, etc - please let me know. 

Happy Scraps
Orb Clothing


Craft making station at Crafty Feast
Jenny Mae Creations
Devine Ideas
Pandora's Button Box
Becky's Soap Shoppe
Three Bad Seeds
Safiya Alyse
The sewing station at Crafty Feast

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