Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creative confidence

It seems like ideas come to me in spurts. The creative surges I get last for a short time and then they are gone. But during these surges, I am bombarded by so many ideas. Some things I don't even know if they are possible. (I am sure they are, I just don't know the techniques to make them happen). I keep a notepad or sketchbook handy at all times. Often while riding in the car - listening to music - I have these "surges". My daughter thinks I'm completely nuts when I start digging for a pen/pencil in the bottom of my purse just to quickly scribble something down.
I am desperately trying to find a way to harness this energy. If only I could bottle it up and uncap it when I need it. But, as all creative personalities know, it just doesn't happen like that. I understand and fully believe that doing something creative every day helps. I am currently involved in 30 Days of Creativity project for June. (Go to the website to find out how to participate). Most of the things I have made are small, but they are a BIG contribution towards "cranking my creativity level."
I constantly look at other artists' creations, gaining inspiration, but at the same time feeling a little inferior. I need to learn how to take the inspiration and run. Not to listen to the critic in my head telling me to give up or I'm not good enough. I think we all fight that feeling at times. But, the artwork I make is mine and no one else's. I recently posted a quote on Facebook that says: For a man to be successful he must be confident in himself, what he is and what he does. That is the truest statement for an artist.
 Two nights ago, I finished the mixed media piece above. And while it's not the Mona Lisa or an award-winning piece - I'm very happy with it. I think mixed media suits me well. It reminds me of cooking. A lot of good things come together make something fabulous. I can't say I'll never listen to "the critic" again...but I can tell you sometimes I will ignore it.

Until next time - Happy Creating and tell "your critic" to shove it!!

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