Friday, June 17, 2011

Finally flowers!

I'm happy to report my peppers are doing well. Approximately a week ago, I discovered the buds on the plants had flowered. Small white flowers with purple centers. Absolutely beautiful to me - and encouragement for my fiance (who can't wait to eat a pepper). A few of the petals have fallen off now, so I am watching daily for signs of pepper growth. Bhut Jolokia is slow growing - so patience is key. I'm starting to see evidence of a "potential" pest problem. Not sure if that IS the problem...but it's worth keeping an eye on. (These plants can be susceptible to such pests as aphids, etc.) I read today a light dusting of powdered lime will prevent most insects. If it is an aphid problem (this bugs are known to carry other viruses), then a mixture of common household liquid soap, water and cooking oil sprayed on them should do the trick. It also suggests using a heavy spray from the hose to remove them, but that would disturb the pollen (that helps to create more peppers).
Only time will tell. I don't plan on letting ANYTHING ruin these peppers...unless it's out of my control. And if it's pests, they've had a bad day.

The fuschia pink echinacea plant is starting to open up and it's as beautiful as I expected. Such a contrast from the typical lavender (Magnus) version. I couldn't be happier with the results. When the greenhouse is up and running, these plants will be in the ground and I will add more colors to the two I already have. Maybe a Paradiso Mix from Burpee.

 The Citronella plant is growing like crazy! I'm glad I went ahead and purchased a "tomato support" while I was buying the plants. The foliage is beautiful and the scent is great. When I water this plant, the whole porch smells like citronella!

On another note:
Last Friday, I received a fabulous mail art package from Jessica Gowling. (see previous blog) I returned the favor by sending a package back to her today. I'm rather proud of the handmade envelop (made from an old poster  - circa 2005). I also was able to pick up some cool stamps to add to my next mail art packages. After all, you can't send a homemade envelop and have it plastered with a postage label! Canada is currently in the middle of a postal strike (and it has made it to Jessica's area). I hope she receives this package soon - I don't think I can wait to hear what she thinks of it!

Until next time - Happy Gardening and don't forget to send someone a handwritten letter. It really can make their day!

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  1. So excited to see what you have in store for me. Sorry again about the strike. hopefully your lovely handmade envelope arrives before I leave on July 6th. If not, I will be SO happy to discover it when I come home... all the best.