Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharing the blog love

Items listed in Dolan's blog entry for June 8th entitled, 15 Handmade Items: Summer Lovin.'

In May, I posted a "round-up" of the local arts festival, Artisphere, on my blog. I had the pleasure of meeting Dolan Geiman along with several other artists that day. As promised, I sent Dolan a link to my blog entry. He proposed we do a banner swap for our blogs. Share the love as I like to say.
Well, I'm happy to report my banner is up on his site today (I'm in the side rail on the blog). Thanks to Ali Marie for her help and communication.
You can be a part of his site too by joining the Dolan Geiman Lodge Club. (click on the link for more details). Not only are you helping to support a fellow artisan, but you can receive 10% off all Dolan Geiman purchases. And that's pretty good in my book!

Until next time - Happy Blogging/Surfing and share the love!

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